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20 Dog Owners Reveal the Cutest Thing Their Dogs Have Done!

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I was thinking the other day about all the cute things my dogs have done throughout my life.

From Princess’s first swim to her time at the Soggy Doggy Dip, it’s been a lot of fun.

And I’m sure my wife’s dog Niko has done plenty of cute things (like when I’ve tucked him in bed).

So I figured I’d reach out to fellow dog owners - or, more accurately, fellow dog lovers - and ask them what the cutest thing their dog had done.

So I present to you: 20 Dog Owners Reveal the Cutest Thing Their Dogs Have Done!

I have a Great Dane named Pepper and recently I was picking her up from getting a bath and she was staring out the window at me with a “Dad!” look on her face.

The window is five feet off the ground!

Pepper Pepper

John Crossman, CCIM, CRX

Around the time my wife first became pregnant with our daughter, our dog, Bailey, started sleeping UNDER the covers with us at night. She’d wiggle her way under there and sleep curled up against my wife’s belly, and she’s done that every night since.

Evan Porter and Bailey Evan Porter and Bailey

Evan Porter from Dad Fixes Everything

My dog Fusion is a fetch and water addict and whenever we are at a lake, he will first walk up to and sit next to strangers, then as soon as they look at him or pet him he goes and brings them the biggest stick he can find to make them throw it!

Fusion Fusion

Steffi Trott from Spiritdog Training

My former dog, Zelda, who sadly, died tragically after being burned by the vet - used to smile and scream like a goat when she was happy.

When she started smiling at first we thought she was snarling, then we realized she was doing it when she was happy. after a few days of that she started screaming a very unnatural, more goat than dog sounding scream when my husband came home. so she’d smile at him and scream and run around. It was actually what totally sent him over the edge from her being a foster to us adopting.

It was hard to get a picture of her doing it… And when she’d squeal, everyone at our daycare would think someone was being tortured and they’d look around all concerned and like what IS that? Then they’d see her running and screaming and they’d start laughing.

Zelda Zelda

Jamie from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Our 3 y/o daughter informed us that she would be naming the new dog, Captain Love. I thought, There is no way, but then she said, His nickname is Captain and his real name is Love, because I love him. She had not met the dog yet, but when I captured the photo of them meeting, he became Captain Love. He’s been BFF ever since.

The Daughter and Captain Love The Daughter and Captain Love

MelissaMcCue-McGrath, author of Considerations for the City Dog

At my blogging and writing job at Tandem Interactive, a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency, we are allowed to bring in our dogs. A few of my co-workers will bring their dogs in weekly, which alleviates the stress of our job. The dogs provide comfort whenever we are feeling anxious as they play with us, watch us work and are there whenever we need a short break. The cutest thing one of the dogs has done is nudge the back of my chair to get my attention and for me to give him love.

Cady's Dog Cady’s Dog

Cady Cohen from Tandem Interactive

Dog Cuteness Overload: Lily has done many cute things…bringing me my phone and leaving a couple of kibbles in her bowl which I discovered is an offering. After sharing pancakes with her, she offered me a high five and thankfully, someone was there to take a snapshot. :-)

Jim and Lily Jim and Lily

Jim Dailakis, Actor/Writer/Comedian/Voiceover Artist

Frankie Feldman, our giant white labradoodle, has done many cute things, but the cutest and most amazing lately was accidentally putting on my husband’s tricorn hat by himself and leaving it on for me to see. It seems the hat had been sitting on the arm of the couch, and when he jumped up there and started wriggling around to get comfortable, he must’ve knocked the hat off the arm of the couch and onto his head.

Frankie Feldman Frankie Feldman

Lisa Johnson Mandell from At Home in Hollywood

My dog uses her whole body to love me. While most dogs will just push their face into their owner, my dog will use her whole body and rub up against me. She usually does then when I am sitting or laying down. She starts loving me at my face and will work her whole body down my side loving me.

My dog’s name is Ruby; she is an 8-year-old Schnoodle. (Schnauzer, poodle mix).

Sara and Ruby Sara and Ruby

Sara Ochoa, DVM, Veterinary Consultant for DogLab.com

My name is Tess and I just wanted to share with you the cutest thing my dog, Thor, does!

My husband and I live in an apartment complex on the second story and every day my husband gets home from work, our dog Thor will hear my husband’s car beep and sprint to our bedroom window that faces the parking lot. Thor will then get super excited and start barking at my husband below until he disappears up the stairs. Then he will run to the front door and wait, wagging his tail, to greet my husband as he walks in the door.

It’s the cutest thing ever! There are lots of cars that park out there and every day they come and go, but Thor has memorized the exact sound of my husband’s car locking beep. :)

Thor Thor

Tess Robison, Outreach Specialist at Money Done Right

My dog Peanut is able to open doors, even those with handles, to let people in when they ring the doorbell.

Stacy and Peanut Stacy and Peanut

Stacy Caprio, Founder, Growth Marketing

Like every other dog owner, I certainly think my dog is the cutest pupper in the world. However, I wasn’t prepared for her to demonstrate that a mere hour after I met her.

Long story short, I’d just picked up my 8-week-old Rottweiler and brought her home to meet her new mom. As is normal for new pup parents, my wife decided to take a quick photo to commemorate the occasion.

The results speak for themselves. My pooch struck an adorable pose, and this photo became seared into our memories.

She’s obviously done plenty of other cute things in the four years since this photo was snapped, but nothing that will ever compare to this moment.

Ben Team, Senior Content Editor, K9 of Mine

Our dogs stay in the kitchen when we are cleaning or if not at home, with a gate securing them from the rest of the house. Well when we come home or sit in the other room and yell for our pitbull JoJo to open the gate, she opens it right up and comes running and rolls all over us. It’s the cutest thing ever. She is also one smart cookie. She could open that gate at any time but only does it when we tell her. We didn’t even train her to do it.

JoJo JoJo

Daniella from Iliketodabble

Our dog, Mia is obsessed with the fireplace and is mesmerized by the flames. However, our cat, Jeep, is also infatuated by the fireplace, so she normally runs Mia off. Mia will wait patiently until the cat loses interest and he can have the fireplace to herself.

Mia the dog and Jeep the cat Mia the dog and Jeep the cat

Michael Dinich from Your Money Geek

Cute and simply amazing! Shows how smart dogs are! Our dog Wolfie found my grandmother’s hearing aid on the ground and spontaneously brought it to her! Knew it was important and knew who to give it to!

Wolfie Wolfie

Kathy at Baby Boomer Super Saver

We adopted one of our dogs, Toby, from animal control, and they had me wait in a little room while they brought him out to meet me. I could see him walking slowly down the hallway toward the room, sort of cringing and hanging his head down. As soon as he saw me he perked up, ran over, and put his head in my lap. If he had even needed to seal the deal, that would have done it!

Toby Toby

Jackie from JackieBeck.com

Otis, our lovable Lab, arrived home in the back of a police car one afternoon, after getting out of the confines of our home’s invisible fence, in an effort to follow my kids. He had become “stuck” in another homeowner’s invisibly-fenced front yard with his Labrador, who, according to the police said in a statement, “I left for work with one friendly Lab in my front yard, and came home and had two.”

Otis Otis

Bridget FitzPatrick, a writer for AutoInsuranceEZ.com

Teddy has learned that whenever we give her a treat, we ask her to do a variety of tasks(sit, down, up, shake) before she gets it. Now, she does all four in succession before we even say them and then gets up and shakes her entire rump in excitement for the treat to come.

Teddy Teddy

Jarek from Time in the Market

While making a nest out of her blankets, Jax often buries herself and then can’t figure how to get her 10lb body out of the mound of blankets she created. It cracks us up every time.

Jax Jax

Melody from Cash for Tacos

One of the cutest things I can remember was when my dog first saw his reflection in the refrigerator. He was all excited and playful, jumping from side to side, and even tried to sniff it a couple of times. It sure was funny to watch!

Li-ran's Dog Li-ran’s Dog

Li-ran from PuppyTip

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