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My Four Favorite Dog Treats and Dog Toys

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Every dog deserves to have a favorite dog toy and a favorite dog treat. I know mine do. Here is a list of my four favorite dog treats and dog toys.

Classic Kong dog toy

Classic Kong dog toy

This is my favorite - partly because of how indestructible they are, partly because I love how they started out as suspension parts to a VW Bus.

Keep in mind there are two strengths of the Kong. Kong color codes these two: the Classic Kong is red while the stronger Extreme Kong is black. My dog can destroy the Classic Kong, so I have to take any red Kongs she “borrows” from her friends.

What’s awesome about these dog toys is that they’re hollow with a hole on the bottom. This means you can put dog treats in them, which will help keep any dog occupied for a long time. Kong actually sells treats made for this reason.

Redbarn Filled Bone

Redbarn Filled Bone

Is it a dog toy or dog treat? In either case, these hollow bones are filled with a tasty paste - typically peanut butter - that will keep a dog occupied for a long time. What’s great about these is if your dog manages to eat all the filling, you can always put more peanut butter in it. It doesn’t have to be anything more special than the peanut butter you’d eat yourself.

The only thing I would caution is not to allow your dog to consume these unsupervised. It is bone, after all, which can splinter.

Milk-Bone dog treats

Milk-Bone dog treats

Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia, maybe it’s because they’re so healthy, but I love giving my dogs these treats. These are the dog treats we gave our German Shepherd dogs when I was growing up.

The crunchy texture helps clean your dog’s teeth which supposedly freshens his or her breath - but let’s face it, they’ll always have dog breath. Oh, and it’s not filled with junk - it’s got vitamins and minerals, and the ingredients are mostly pronounceable. Those that are hard to pronounce are the vitamins and minerals!

Oh - I’ve managed to stick these dog treats in both the Redbarn Filled Bones and Classic Kong!

Pup-Peroni dog treats

Pup-Peroni dog treats

These aren’t quite as healthy as the Milk Bones, but let’s face it, like human food, the healthiest isn’t always the tastiest. These dog treats aren’t bad for your dog, they simply have more calories and fewer vitamins and minerals than the milk bones.

Some dogs, like my pit/lab mix, will eat about anything, so she’s happy with Milk Bones. Others, such as my Cockapoo, are a little pickier, so sometimes you have to reward them with a tastier treat.

One thing that’s great about Pupperoni dog treats is that you don’t have to give your dog the entire treat, especially if it’s one of the larger ones. They’re easy to break apart so one treat can become many! Make sure to keep the bag seals so they don’t harden and become stale.

And how about you?

Do you give your dog treats? Do you give any of the dog treats mentioned above? Does your dog have a favorite dog toy? Comment below!

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