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The First Time I Saw Lucy - Our Rottweiler

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It was a regular summer day - warm, sunny skies and perfect for a walk. It was during that walk that I realized I had to convince my husband that we needed a dog! I so badly wanted to have a furry little pup to accompany me on my outdoor adventures. I longed for a pup to walk daily, but also for some summer fun.

So, the first words out of my mouth when we returned from our leisurely walk was “Honey, we need to get a dog!”

The next day we went online and started searching for our perfect pup. I knew I wanted a larger breed that would protect me and help make me feel comfortable enough to go for walks and not worry about my safety. I also knew I wanted one that had a sweet personality and would be extremely loyal to our family. We went through various online platforms to help us find a pooch.

We looked at a few contenders on Petfinder. We also hit up the shelters, but I needed a companion that was strong, bold, and known for being a great guardian. We ultimately decided against adopting from a shelter because we were afraid of getting an improperly trained pup that might snap at our six-year-old daughter.

At this point, we now knew that we had to resort to the Internet to find the perfect addition to our family. Finally, after days of online searching, we came across an ad from a cute little Mennonite family that had a Rottweiler named Beatrice who just had a litter of purebred puppies.

Rottweiler puppies. Rottweiler puppies. Source: Wikimedia

They. Were. CUTE!

I initially wanted a male dog since I feel that they are better for protection reasons and, to be completely honest, cheaper to get fixed. However, when we went to visit these pups, I was immediately drawn to the little on cowering the corner. She was the only puppy that didn’t try to jump out of the fence and was looking for my attention but didn’t want to be too aggressive it was at that very moment that I knew that one was our pup!

So my pup turned out to be female - which was not my first choice - but it didn’t matter as I knew she was our perfect match. She was the sweetest little thing and snuggled right up to my daughter and me! She was just so happy and grateful to be with us. When we got her home she seemed scared, but she warmed up to us and adjusted rather quickly. Her favorite thing to do was curl up by her food bowl to make sure nobody stole it! She also loved to run around our dining room table.

We named her Lucy and it wasn’t long before this pup won over our hearts and souls and become the newest member of our little family.

A Rottweiler A Rottweiler. Source: Pixabay.

I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and today she is three years old and still loving life, chasing deer, and, of course, making memories!

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  • I have never had a puppy, it has always been rescues in my house even as a kid growing up. I am so happy she has settled in and by the photo looks like one happy girl

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  • Oh, what a sweet story. I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on Bella, too. It’s amazing how they have a way of butt-wiggling into our hearts and laying claim to all the space in there. Congratulations on the love you’ve found with Lucy. <3

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  • avatar for Emilia Evans Emilia Evans

    It is always the perfect moment when you find the perfect pet and you both know it. I feel like all my cats picked me (except the one that was dropped off on me.)

    It’s important to know what you want but be willing to change if the right pet appears but not be impulsive and just take the first thing you see.

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  • The Rottweiler puppies photo looks almost identical to the ones we took when we were picking Jasmine. I remember the first time I saw Cookie too. Both very special girls.

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  • The people next door to us had a guard dog that was a Rottweiller. I never got close ot it to be honest although he said it was a big softie and sounds like your little pup.

    I like that you went in with one idea but were prepared to change your mind when the right pup called to your heart. This is the ONLY way to go to find the pet that will be a big part of your family.

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  • I’m so happy you were able to find the dog that best met the needs for your family. I felt the same way when I was ready to get some new kittens after losing my last cat. I love the Persian breed, but they are known for some health issues. I searched for a reputable breeder that lived within 5 hours from me so I could visit their cattery. Even though Truffle doesn’t meet the “breed standard”, her personality reached out to me from that first photo!

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