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The Four Most Common Poodle Mixes

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Poodle crossbreeds have become increasingly popular in the past couple of decades. A few of these poodle mixes, such as the cockapoo, have existed since the 1950s. Others are much more recent.

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The appeal of poodle mixes is that they often get the non-shedding, somewhat hypoallergenic trait of poodles and the temperament of the other breed. Their name is a portmanteau of poodle and the mixed breed. Some people suggest the name depends on which breed is the father and which is the mother (for instance, cockapoo versus spoodle), however, the breeds people bring home are often not a first generation mix.


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A Cockapoo is mixed with a cocker spaniel. This poodle mix retains the smaller, lapdog size of both breeds.


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The Labradoodle is mixed with a Labrador Retriever The initial intent of this poodle crossbreed was to provide a guide dog to people who were allergic to dogs.


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Goldendoodles are mixed with Golden Retrievers and were a natural choice after Labradoodles since they are both retrievers. The name Goldendoodle is a reflection on the name labradoodle.


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Finally, a Schnoodle is mixed with a Schnauzer. Like the Cockapoo, it retains the small size of both breeds.

Runner ups

There are actually hundreds of different poodle mixes. Not only can you mix a poodle with a single other breed (the list is quite long), you have the potential, through multiple generations, of mixing many breeds with the poodle.

Do you own a poodle mix? What kind?

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