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Check Out These Three Easter Doggy Traditions!

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Easter is this Sunday - and no holiday is complete without celebrating with our four-pawed doggy family members.

So I asked three different dog owners what they do - or plan on doing - with their dogs on Easter:

Kyle Battis from Frenchie Journey:

Our French Bulldog Augie is a big part of our family and one of our favorite holiday traditions is to get a goofy outfit for our dog. I usually order this in advance and surprise the kids the day of the Holiday. For this Easter, our Frenchie will be dressing up as the Easter Bunny, and while he will likely not care for the costume, it will make for some great memories and some awesome photographs. :-).

Kyle with Augie the French Bulldog Kyle with Augie the French Bulldog

Joan Hunter Mayer from The Inquisitive Canine Doggy Blog and TransPaw Gear:

My name is Joan Hunter Mayer and I’m a dog mom!!!

On Easter Sunday we have fun with our dog setting up an Easter kibble and treat hunt. Instead of feeding our dog out of a bowl or with his usual enrichment toys, we’ll place pieces of his food in and around the house, both inside and outside. We’ll put our dog in his dog crate so he can hide while we place the food in various locations - some places easier than others - using his regular kibble along with a few pieces of higher value goodies. Then we’ll just let him out to go wild! We’ve done this every year since we adopted our first dog, back in 2003 and continue the tradition with our current dog, Ringo Starr. It’s lots of fun to watch him enjoy his hunting extravaganza!

Marisa Sanfilippo from zoeythemaltichon on Instagram:

Every year Zoey (my Maltichon) and I do an “Easter Biscuit” hunt at our local dog park. She normally gets distracted by all the other dogs but her mommy has fun watching her play. Zoey has a lot of energy and is very friendly so ever since she was a baby, I have always scheduled various social outings for her which are fun for Zoey, mommy, and her grandparents!

Here she is dressed as a bunny on our way to the hunt one year:

Zoey the Maltichon in bunny ears. Zoey the Maltichon in bunny ears. Source: zoeythemaltichon

I hope you enjoyed reading these Easter doggy traditions! What do you do with your dog on Easter?

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