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Thanksgiving Traditions with Dogs!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and one thing that is the cornerstone of Thanksgiving is, of course, Thanksgiving traditions.

And we can’t forget out loveable furry companions when it comes to Thanksgiving traditions!

Many of us love to share a little bit of Thanksgiving food with our pups (just be careful of certain food dangers).

Stacy Caprio, dog owner and founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing is no exception. “I like to share a mini-Thanksgiving meal with my dog, mainly some turkey in her dish,” she says. “She gets very excited and loves eating the turkey each year!”

Stacy and Peanut Stacy and Peanut

But more than food, some people have a more active Thanksgiving tradition with their dogs.

Richard Jeng and his Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Pippa love taking an annual hike to a nearby waterfall trail every Thanksgiving day:

Pippa nothing more than the wilderness. We don’t have much time except for holidays, so we make sure to take her favorite trail on Thanksgiving. She’s usually a calm dog, but not when we go for our annual hike! On this day, she’s lively, spirited, and the happiest dog ever!”

Pippa on a hike. Pippa on a hike.

Steffi Trott, a dog trainer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, heads to a trail in the beautiful Sandia mountains with her three dogs, Party, Kix, and Fusion.

We live right next to the beautiful Sandia mountains that usually get the first big snowstorm in November - so when everyone else is enjoying the warmth and food indoors, we head out on a snow hike! The trails are always empty and we have all the fresh powder to ourselves. Party, Kix, and Fusion enjoy romping around and I enjoy watching them!

Party, Kix, and Fusion with Steffi

I know my dogs (Princess and Niko) absolutely love hikes - so a Thanksgiving hike would probably be their favorite.

Although they totally love food, too!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions with your dog? Be sure to comment below!

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