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39 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

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If you’re like me, you love your dog a ton, and you can never express to your love to your dog enough. Here are 39 ways to show your dog you love them!

  1. Get them a comfortable dog bed of their own.
  2. Make to have some playtime with them every day.
  3. Brush their fur.
  4. Buy them a new toy.
  5. Rub their ears.
  6. Tell them that you love them.
  7. Go jogging with them.
  8. Take an obedience class with them.
  9. Play fetch with them.
  10. Give them a kiss.
  11. Clean their water and food bowls.
  12. Schedule a doggy play date with other dogs.
  13. Hide a treat and have them find it.
  14. Give them treats.
  15. Make sure to take care of their teeth.
  16. Play a game with them.
  17. Take them camping for a weekend.
  18. Take them to their yearly vet check-up.
  19. Give them a bath.
  20. Give them some mental stimulation with an interactive toy.
  21. Scratch their neck.
  22. Take them down to a creek for some swim time.
  23. Explore a new place together.
  24. Take them on a run.
  25. Take them to a public pool for an end-of-summer soggy doggy dip.
  26. Walk them every day.
  27. Take them on a trip to the park.
  28. Make sure to give them their monthly heartworm medicine.
  29. Give them back scratches.
  30. Massage their ears.
  31. Read to them.
  32. Go hiking with them.
  33. Take them for a drive.
  34. Snuggle with them.
  35. Take them on long walks.
  36. Make sure they’re up to date on their vaccines.
  37. Have some cuddle time with them.
  38. Rub their belly.
  39. Keep their nails trimmed.

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