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What Fruit Can a Dog Eat?

Your dog probably watches you intently whenever you eat, no matter what you eat. This normally raises the question what human food can a dog eat? In this blog post, I identify some common fruits that are okay for a dog to eat - and some fruits that are dangerous.

The Four Most Common Pit Bull Dog Breeds

Pit bulls (sometimes spelled as a compound word pitbulls) are a type of dog distinguished by a stocky frame, muscular build, and short face. They were initially bred by combining bulldogs and terriers together. Initially used for blood sports such as bear and bull-baiting, they later became used as companion animals and catch dogs in hunting as the blood sports became illegal. Sadly, they have also been used in illegal dog fighting as well.

Can You Feed Your Puppy Peanut Butter?

For the most part, yes, peanut butter is a safe treat for your puppy in moderation. However, a few brands of peanut butter contain an artificial sweetener known as xylitol that can make your puppy sick or even kill her!

Top Dog Names

Ever wonder how common your dog’s name is? Unlike human names, there’s not as complete a list (for instance, the US Social Security website contains a list of popular baby names). However, there are a couple of sources.

5 Pictures of Hidden Dogs

Can you find all 5?

8 Adorable Dog Signs for you Home or Office Decor on Amazon

I love dogs - and I love expressing my love for dogs. Here are eight adorable dogs signs that you can use for home decor - or even at the office!

I Love My Dog T-Shirt Contest

Just for fun, I’ve decided to run a little giveaway contest. This contest is administered by Amazon, so they’re doing all the heavy lifting.

Is a "Dog Year" Really 7 "Human Years?"

Not really. The idea that a “dog year” is equal to 7 “human years” is based on the idea that dogs live an average of ten years, while humans live an average of 70 years. However, this would mean that a year old dog would be the same maturity as a seven-year-old. But a year old dog is often already mature!

My Top 10 Dog Quotes

1 Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness? - Jonathan Safran

Puppy Profile: Princess

Today I’d like to introduce my current dog and first dog I adopted as an adult: Princess!

Dog Vitamins and Minerals

Just like us humans, dogs need a complete and balanced diet, which includes getting essential vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, most store-bought dog foods contain the balance needed, according to WebMD.

The Four Most Common Poodle Mixes

Poodle crossbreeds have become increasingly popular in the past couple of decades. A few of these poodle mixes, such as the cockapoo, have existed since the 1950s. Others are much more recent.

What Vaccines Does My New Puppy Need?

When you first adopt a puppy, there are many things you must do. One of which is to find a veterinarian to look him or her over to see how healthy he or she is. You will also need your veterinarian to start your new puppy’s vaccination schedule.

My Four Favorite Dog Treats and Dog Toys

Every dog deserves to have a favorite dog toy and a favorite dog treat. I know mine do. Here is a list of my four favorite dog treats and dog toys.

Choosing the Best Dog Crate

When choosing a dog crate (sometimes referred to as a dog cage or dog kennel) for your dog, you have two important criteria to consider: size and structure. This blog post will talk about both and how to choose which dog crate will best fit your dog.

Introducing Puppy Snuggles

Welcome to the brand-new website and blog Puppy Snuggles. Here at Puppy Snuggles, we’re all about dogs and the affection they give us. We know that a dog is more than “just a pet” or “just a dog” - they’re part of the family! We hope to provide insightful and fun blog posts to help you and your loved one get the most out of life!